As the country’s Hispanic population continues to grow at a rapid pace, it has created a need for the insurance industry to adapt. To assist in facilitating the connecting of the Hispanic insurance buyer to insurance industry products & services, a group of Independent Insurance Agents got together in 2010 and launched a new trade group, The Latin Agents and Brokers Association, Inc., (L.A.B.A.). This group of agents, who understand the nuances of serving Latin American customers, became the founding members of L.A.B.A.

L.A.B.A.’s main objective is aimed at connecting Insurance Carriers & Insurance services to Agents of all backgrounds serving the Hispanic insurance buying community.

L.A.B.A. a Hispanic Insurance Association is here to provide support in the advancement of the Agent and Broker serving the ethnically diverse communities of the North East by assisting in gaining access to services & products that offer financial protection to the growing Latin American insurance buying community.
Our logo concept represents the steps of achievement towards higher levels of knowledge and success, with the flame symbolizing the energy, passion, courage, strength, and dynamism of the Latin American spirit.